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Alcohol Wipes Medical Surface Disinfecting Towelettes Antibacterial Wipes

Disinfectant wipes

With the improvement of people's health awareness and consumption ability, coupled with the rapid development of the disinfection wipes industry, the disinfectant wipes are now widely used, such as baby wipes and sanitary wipes, especially since COVID-19. Disinfectant wipes are products with cleaning and disinfection effects, which are made of non woven fabrics, dust-free paper or other raw materials as the carrier, purified water as production water and appropriate disinfectants and other raw materials. They are suitable for human body, general object surface, medical device surface and other object surfaces. Our products are alcohol disinfection wipes, that is, wipes with ethanol as the main disinfection raw material, generally 75% alcohol concentration. 75% alcohol is similar to the osmotic pressure of bacteria. It can gradually and continuously penetrate into the bacteria before the bacterial surface protein is denatured, dehydrate, denature and solidify all bacterial proteins, and finally kill bacteria. Too high or too low alcohol concentration will affect the disinfection effect.

Selling points

1. Portability Our packaging can be customized. Various packages and specifications can meet a variety of scene choices in life. When going out, you can choose small packaging or new packaging with dry and wet separation, which is more convenient to carry. 2. The disinfection effect is good, and the ingredients are milder Because disinfection wipes are used on hands or objects, generally, their disinfection active ingredients will be milder and the toxic and side effects will be less, but the disinfection effect is not inferior to that of traditional disinfection methods. 3. The operation is simple and has the function of cleaning and disinfection The disinfectant wipes can be directly extracted and used. It does not need to spend time preparing solutions, cleaning rags, or removing disinfectant residues. The cleaning and disinfection is completed in one step, really nice.

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